Author Goals for 2018

Author Goals for 2018

It’s that time of year when we sit down and try to honestly consider what we want to achieve. For some, it’s just making it month-to-month, for others, it’s chasing wildly ambitious goals. I’ve made a lot of New Year’s resolutions as an author over the years and have failed spectacularly at just about all of them.

So this year, I’m aiming for something a bit different. Instead of focusing the process (I will go to gym 3x a week, I’ll write something every day, I’ll spend less time on social media, etc.) I am pursuing 2018 goals using the SMART Method:


This idea had been around for a while and it is an incredibly effective tool for shaping your mindset for succeeding and achieving.

Author Goals for 2018 –

One of my writing goals is: In 2018, I will write a complete fantasy short story (5k words) once a month.

Simple, easy to remember, and a perfect goal. It specifically sets up what I want to accomplish; I can measure my progress; fully writing/editing a five thousand word story is absolutely attainable; it is relevant to my goals as an author; and I only have to do the twelve this year, then have the option of moving on to something else.

This is a part of an overarching author goal which I won’t divulge here because I want to keep it a secret and it might change over time. But this is an example of a SMART New Year’s resolution.

Another authoring goal I have is this: In 2018, I will acquire a gross of $1000 of revenue outside my day-job.

This might seem like a pie-in-the-sky goal, but it still fits the criteria: Specifically outlines what I want; I can measure the income; This is totally attainable (maybe?); it’s relevant to my desire to have money; and I’ve got 8766 hours to complete it so gotta get going!

Now, the only iffy part is “Can I actually attain it?” I have no idea, I’ve never done that before. But it is not outside the realm of possibility. This revenue would include book sales, maybe a Patreon, maybe I sell merch or swag or something I design and sell a card game. The possibilities are endless and it doesn’t even have to be confined to “being an author” which is freeing.

Some Last Thoughts:

Consider these statements:

One day, I hope to be able to quit my day-job and live independently.


I am working towards procuring multiple sources of income so I can afford to work part-time and eventually pursue my own work full-time.

Both are the same, but the second is framed in a proactive and realistic framework. Opportunity doesn’t knock very often. So you can either wait for it to kinda, sorta arrive whenever.  Or you can hunt those opportunities down, break into their homes, grab them by the throat and say, “You work for me now.”

(This accessive violent anaolgy is brought to you my my slytherin  roots and the fact I’ve had a really frustrating last couple of years)

Take care everyone and make 2018 your best year!

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