Rylee has manifested illegal magic.

Abandoned since before she can remember and virtually friendless, Rylee now finds herself in the middle of a power struggle between an heir to the ruling house within the Vampirum and an agent for the US Department of Mysticism and Metaphysics. Both fight to claim her as their own, both want to make use of her power for their own ends, and both have deep personal ties to her long since missing parents.

In this premier book of a YA urban fantasy novella series, get caught up in a world where magic is inter-weaved with a modern world: Giants oversee civil disputes, magic is federally regulated, and Faerie enchantments are used as legal evidence. Rylee fights for her freedom armed only with her guts and wits, but will it be enough, and what will be the consequences for victory? Witness the humble and profound origins of an

About the Author

Hey all! My name is Jason and I’m an author. I’m not exactly sure what madness possessed me to do so, but here I am). I live in Houston, Texas with my wife, Jennifer Acres, and hope to soon raise a Corgi (fluffy and not docked). I started writing back in my junior year of high school and haven’t stopped since. J. K. Rowling, Jim Butcher, and Peter David are three of the authors who have influenced my wring and style.

My first published book is Urban Legend: Orphan, a YA urban fantasy series. I love to write character-driven stories, exploring personal struggles and interpersonal conflicts. Plots come and go, but characters last forever in our minds and hearts.

I aspire to inspire readers and writers alike! Everyone’s journey is different and I wish everyone well with theirs and offer help to those who ask.